Since 1906 when J.M. Phillips began practicing law in Washington, our law firm has provided help to elderly, incapacitated and injured people and their families.

We provide comprehensive Elder Law, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Litigation services for residents of Washington.



Hi, I am the bookkeeper / Financial Manager at PKB. I love my job here and hope to continue working until I can retire, and possibly even longer than that! I tried to retire once, after working for the same company for 12 years, I only lasted 3 months before I was itching to go back to work! I guess I am just one of those people!

I started life in Yakima, Washingtion , then moved to DesMoines Washington when I was 10. My dad was a Lawyer (go figure ! ) and my Mom, well she raised 7 children. I think her job was much much harder than Dad’s!! I am the youngest of the family and I was in a big hurry to grow-up. I married my much loved and still husband Doug Bennett when I was 15 ½, in 1976. Our first child was born 13 months later and then 2 more came Very fast after that! We have 3 children; 6 grandchildren and our first Great Grandchild is on his way!

I never intended to have a career. I was raised to think that being a Wife and a Mother was the best thing in the world. I still believe that but I also learned that raising children is expensive!! I started working to give them everything they needed in life and found that I really enjoyed it. I have worked at only a few places as I tend to become very invested in the Companies I work for. From starting out as a secretary at my church, to owning our own business, to working for construction companies, to becoming a Bookkeeper at PKB. My life has been full and mostly wonderful. God has truly blessed us in many, many ways. I believe that He placed me at Phillips, Krause and Brown. Working for a Christian based business has blessed me in many, many ways.