Since 1906 when J.M. Phillips began practicing law in Washington, our law firm has provided help to elderly, incapacitated and injured people and their families.

We provide comprehensive Elder Law, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Litigation services for residents of Washington.





Began working at PKB in May 1994

Office administrator of Phillips Krause & Brown

I am the go-to person in the office

Guardianship legal assistant; Legal research; Prepare pleadings such as: petitions, motions, guardianship annual reports and accountings, proposed orders, notices

I am the “driver” for my boss, Jim Brown, driving him to Seattle and Olympia, to teach Elder Law at Seattle U; monthly meetings with Senior Lobby; continuing education seminars, board meetings, etc.

I am not too keen on computer issues

I help elderly people who need help (doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and order and pick up medications, etc.)

In my previous life:

1970-1983 I worked as a certified dental assistant and x-ray technician and dental office manager

1966-1968 I worked in my father’s Chinese deli “Quong Wah Yuen”


Where did I come from?

I was born and raised in Stockton California.

Married to James M. Brown in July 1974

Accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in November 1968


I come from a Chinese American family of 5 brothers and 3 sisters. Both of my parents and one brother are deceased


2 grown children, Bill, married to Jacey, and Peter, married to Elizabeth

Grand children:

3 grand kids – all boys


2 AKC German Shepherds – Jet and Snickers

Foster caring for a mix Jack Russell terrier named Biskit

I am severely allergic to cats


Immanuel Baptist Church

P.E.O. Chapter BC

German Shepherd Dog Club of Washington

German Shepherd Dog Club of America

Activities and interests:

I play the oboe and clarinet

I listen to light classical and baroque and big band jazz

I love to watch British mysteries

I am an avid PAC12 footfall fan – Go Trojans!

I like jigsaw puzzles, needlework crafts, word search, brainteasers, etc.


I love to drive to Oregon and California to visit and spend time with family and the Redwoods