Since 1906 when J.M. Phillips began practicing law in Washington, our law firm has provided help to elderly, incapacitated and injured people and their families.

We provide comprehensive Elder Law, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Litigation services for residents of Washington.



I joined Phillips, Krause and Brown as a Legal Assistant in June 2021. Prior to that, I was a remote Tier 3 Technical Support Supervisor.

I am a senior student at the University of Arizona, and I am studying property, contracts, torts, administrative law, and criminal and civil procedure for my major for Bachelor of Arts in Law. In addition, I preceptor American Political Institutions for my minor in Government and Public Policy when school is in session. Finally, I am a member of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and Honor Society.

When I am not busy with school, I hang out with my wonderful husband and our kids.

I am privileged to work and study as Mr. Brown’s assistant and believe what we do at PKB is an essential community service.