Since 1906 when J.M. Phillips began practicing law in Washington, our law firm has provided help to elderly, incapacitated and injured people and their families.

We provide comprehensive Elder Law, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Litigation services for residents of Washington.



I came to work as the receptionist at PKB in April 2006. This began as a temp job when the receptionist before me left to get married. After 2 days on the job I was hired full time and have been answering the phones ever since. I enjoy interacting with our clients and helping the attorneys and their assistants wherever I can.

I was born and raised in a small rural town south of Kansas City, Missouri. I have lived in Aberdeen for almost 10 years and currently share a home with my significant other, a large yellow lab and 3 cats. I am active in the local United Way and a member of the Pieceful Discovererís Quilt Guild. In my spare time, along with quilting, I enjoy reading and working crossword puzzles. I am also an avid football fan and root for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Seahawks. (If they ever meet in the Super Bowl I will be the only red shirt in the office.)